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Reform Design Lab

Webflow E-commerce development in collaboration with Garland + Pine.

Reform Design Lab // Garland + Pine




Webflow development, Animations, E-commerce

By making a sleek online experience that resonate with their sustainable products, we made the online presence in line with their brand identity. Their chair is made of sustainable materials and is disruptive —  Combine extraordinary design with state-of-the-art technology, using sustainable materials and a global network of 3D print labs for manufacturing. Reform Deign lan is reforming the future.
Reform needed a brand identity, website development and CMS website build: One that spoke to their buyers and their customers. In partnership with another Swedish design firm Garland + Pine, we developed the website and mapped out the E-commerce. Of course we did it, in Webflow.
Another cool thing we added was the custom rapports for every batch of production. The customers get to see how its impacting the environments well as the carbon footprint.  Scan the QR code on your chair and get the full rapport. 
Check out the live site here -> Reform Design Lab
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